Another Renovation | FLIP!

So last week, my husband and I finished up another renovation project! It's not a "tiny house" but it is pretty small by most people's standards. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, Eat-in Kitchen and a Family Room = 816 Square Feet. Small house doesn't mean small project though. We purchased this 1959 home from another investor who started, but did not complete the project.

DIY Staging

DIY Staging

A Staging Consultation is a 1-2 hour appointment with a seller who will "stage" their home for marketing themselves as opposed to having a professional stager do the work on their behalf, or move out and have staging furniture replace the seller's personal property. Here's a great example of a DIY Staging success!

Price VS Presentation

Realtors know that ultimately price drives everything for home buyers in any real estate market. Buyers compare and contrast location, features, condition and price and make a buying decision when they believe they have found the best value. Realtors also know that a lower price overcomes every obstacle when marketing a home, but sellers want the highest return on their real estate investment they can get.

What are the three things a Seller and Realtor can control?

ITB Beauty

A colleague and friend who's had some great success renovating and selling properties around the Triangle recently completed his biggest project yet! Formerly a 1500 SF ranch, this 1953 home in the Raleigh neighborhood of Ridgewood is now nearly 4000 SF with 6 Bedrooms and 4 Baths. It is designed for entertaining and family life with gorgeous finishes and details. I was thrilled to provide staging and even more thrilled when Greg put this beauty under contract in just 2 days.

2017 Profile of Home Staging

The new 2017 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Staging is out! The last report was done in 2015 and it appears that the importance of staging is only more widely recognized by Realtors across the country. NAR posed questions to both Buyer and Seller Agents and summarized their responses. Understanding the different perspectives of Buyer vs Seller Agents is important. When an agent walks into a home with a Buyer, they know fairly quickly if there is any interest based on the Buyer's initial response. Seller Agents are marketing these home and the measure of success is how quickly that first offer comes and how much the offer price is. My key take aways from the report:

MASTER Accredited Staging Professional

Just returned from a 4 day trip to Ft. Lauderdale, FL where I attended class with ASP Stagers from all over the country to earn my "Master" accreditation with StagedHomes.Com. What a week! Highlights: the people! Stagers from CA, TX, OH, AL, CO, FL, MA and IN came together to talk business and creativity, how to work together and grow professionally. There were different specialties, backgrounds and business sizes represented, so we all had something to share.

Flippin' Magnolia

Over the past few months, my husband, Chris, and I have been working hard on our first real estate "flip" here in Cary, NC! It's been exciting, exhausting and rewarding. The ultimate staging project for me. The ultimate home improvement project for Chris. We stumbled upon this home and knew right away that this was the project we'd been looking for and it showed up at the perfect time and location. We closed on our purchase on June 28, 2016. Much of that kitchen was original to 1975!