Holiday Staging

'Tis the season ... for real estate, if you would like to sell your home! Home staging is a big dilemma for folks who want to sell in December, but don't want to skip on the holiday cheer for their own family. Doing it correctly is always important, especially when over-doing it is a risk. Here are some things to keep in mind when staging your home for the holidays:

  1. Before you decorate for the holidays, stage your home to sell. Remember to pack away the personal items and clutter, re-arrange and pre-pack furnishings and decor. This is an important first step for all sellers.

  2. Less is more: Subtle touches of holiday cheer will make buyers feel the warmth of the season without feeling overwhelmed. A little greenery and pinecones will go a long way.

  3. Compliment your own style: Remember that if you don't already decorate with Christmas red, it might clash with what you have. If your living room is blue, add touches of whites and browns and skip the giant poinsettia.

  4. Accentuate the positive: Add greenery to the beautiful mantle or unique doorway arches.

  5. Go light on the lights: Step away from the inflatable Santa this year! Chose subtle lighting to highlight your beautiful porch, hang a wreath on the front door and skip the window lights and wreaths. Don't clutter the windows or block the natural light coming into your home!

  6. Mind the tree: When buyers start talking about where the Christmas tree will go, agents know they are getting serious. Don't blow it by putting a giant tree in the wrong spot. A tall tree that accentuates the two story family room is great, but if the base is too big, it will eat up valuable floor space that the buyer will not be able to imagine the other 11 months of the year.

This is certainly a tougher time of year to sell, with so many other things going on. Remember though, buyers who are looking for a home around the holidays are serious, and you have less competition! Get out there and sell!

Enjoy your holiday decorations, show off your beautiful house and stage it to sell for the season!