Top 10 Reasons to hire UpStaging Designs

Top 10 reasons why you should hire not just any stager, but this stager.

  1. Brokerage Experience:

    • My experience as a real estate agent gives me a deep understanding of what buyers look for when they walk into a home.

  1. Licensed with Membership Rights:

    • Realtor association memberships, MLS access and a broker license gives UpStaging Designs access to the same information and lockbox access as listing agents.

  1. Book Online:

    • Agents can now book Staging Consultations online, getting the process started as soon as the listing is signed.

  1. Seller Resources:

    • Each seller receives an UpStaging Designs 12-page brochure including staging statistics, best practices, tips for photography and showings, paint color recommendations, vendor recommendations, coupons and resources for additional services they may need.

  1. Expert Training:

    • As a Master Accredited Staging Professional and Color Expert, I have the training and industry expertise to make recommendations to Sellers.

  1. Track Record:

    • In addition to the hundreds of first time listings with agent partners, I’ve helped with numerous “second chance” listings with a proven track record of success.

  1. Tips & Tricks:

    • As an experienced house “flipper” and a DIY homeowner, I can help sellers maximize the investment of updates and repairs.

  1. Technology in Action:

    • Hand written staging notes are converted to a typed written document in real time, getting those recommendations into the hands of agents and sellers quickly.

  1. Furniture & Accessories Warehouse:

    • UpStaging Designs maintains a warehouse of contemporary furniture, art and accessories to stage vacant listings, even on short notice.

  1. Why:

    • My personal why is wrapped up in your success! When you hire UpStaging Designs, my number one goal is to help my agent partners, their clients and the homes they sell stand out among the competition.

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