Price VS Presentation

Realtors know that ultimately price drives everything for home buyers in any real estate market. Buyers compare and contrast location, features, condition and price and make a buying decision when they believe they have found the best value. Realtors also know that a lower price overcomes every obstacle when marketing a home, but sellers want the highest return on their real estate investment they can get.

What are the three things a Seller and Realtor can control?

Price. Presentation. Promotion.

There is no control over supply and demand, market conditions, interest rates, weather, location, lot or layout. When it is time to sell a home, the best marketing strategy is to make the most of that property and the current market conditions, and then price it to sell. That is where the expertise of a professional stager is a realtor’s best marketing tool to reach the highest sales price.

The importance of “presentation” can’t be underestimated when selling a home. Even the most desirable properties, locations and price points can benefit from staging in order to create the highest demand and therefore the highest sales price.

UpStaging Designs can assist Sellers and Realtors with Staging and Renovation Consultations as well as furniture and accessory staging in all price points. Additional services include Occupied Staging and Redesign, Photo Preparations, Color Consultations, and Design Center Assistance.

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